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HTM GTL8.jpg
HTM 3001-3100 (GTL8-I)
HTM 3101-3147 (GTL8-II)
Traction power supply
overhead wire

The GTL8 ("Gelede Tram Lang, 8 assen" / Articulated Tram Long, 8 axles) is a 3-part articulated tram used in The Hague from 1981 until 2026. Build in two series (GTL8-I and GTL8-II), they formed the entire service fleet of the HTM after the end of the use of PCC trams, until the RandstadRail Regiocitadis trams joined the network. With the arrival of the Avenio trams, the first GTL8 trams where retired. In 2026, the last GTL8 trams will be replaced by Stadler TINA trams.

The main differences between the first and second series: the first series (GTL8-I) was delivered in red/beige livery, with brown folding doors. The second series was delivered in blue-white livery with yellow swing doors, a little bit longer, and with an added destination display on the side of the middle carriage.

During their service life, the analog destination displays where replaces by digital ones, and around 2015 a new more impact-friendly nose was fitted on the front. The GTL8-II series was repainted in the livery of the GTL8-I series. Originally delivered with two pantographs, the second one was removed later and stored as spare parts. The GTL8-II series also had their front pantographs replaced by the same model used by the Regiocitadis trams.

GTL8-II 2015.jpg

In 2011, four GTL8-I trams where refitted as "Pekeltram". Pekel is a salt solution, which these trams can spread out over the tracks to get rid of snow and ice during the winter. The former passenger area now contains two large pekel tanks in each carriage. These trams are also fitted with a snowplow. During the summer, they can be used to learn new tramdrivers to operate the GTL8 trams.

GTL8-I Pekeltram.jpg

In 2013, GTL8-I tram number 3035 was sold to a restaurant entrepeneur after a crowdfunding action, to be rebuild as a driving restaurant under the name "Hoftrammm". The first carriage has 24 seats for passengers, the middle carriage has a small kitchen, and the last carriage has 20 seats and a toilet facility. It is by reservation only, and guests get an extensive dinner during a 2,5 hour tour around the city, after which they are dropped off on the same location where they boarded the tram.

GTL8-I Hoftrammm.jpg GTL8 Hoftrammm Int1.jpg GTL8 Hoftrammm Int2.jpg

The following versions are available:

  • GTL8-I original version
  • GTL8-I 2011
  • GTL8-I 2015
  • GTL8-I Pekeltram (4 units available)
  • GTL8-I Hoftrammm (1 unit; 3035)
  • GTL8-II original version
  • GTL8-II 2011
  • GTL8-II 2015
  • GTL8-II Repaintable original version
  • GTL8-II Repaintable 2011
  • GTL8-I Trailercar (fictional)
  • GTL8-I Left traffic (fictional)

Operation in Metrosimulator

These trams can run in service in Metro Simulator on all tramlines equipped with overhead wires, except those which are under ZUB train protection.

In Explore mode, you will find the GTL8 trams under "TramNL".


In order to run on the Rijndam and Toronto tram networks (where ATB has been installed as a requirement of the simulator), the ATB system is installed on these trams. However, unlike on the subway trains, this version will not slow your tram to a stop. It will only cut out traction when you are 5km/h over the speed limit it receives from the track signals.

When running on tracks with ATB, the maximum speed sent to your vehicle is shown in the speedometer on the left side of the drivers seat (under the side window) with a small blue arrow. Just remember to STOP before an S-sign along the track when the ATB signal shows "10 km/h", as this is essentially seen as a red signal.

When running with ROZ (Drive-on-Sight), no maximum speed is shown.

These vehicles do not have the ZUB system installed, so in case you drive into a section that uses ZUB, the tram will not switch to that system.

These trams are equipped with the ARI system which is in use in the The Hague tram tunnel in the city center. If this system is implemented in the route you are driving, it will bring you to a stop if you go over the speed limit. If you approach a red signal, it will bring you to a stop if your speed is above 35 km/h at 45 meters before the signal. After this, it will stop you again if you exeed 10 km/h, until you have passed a transponder which gives you a higher speedlimit again.

Train operation keys

  • Ctrl+P / Shift+P – Pantograph 1
  • Ctrl+[ / Shift+[ – Pantograph 2
  • Ctrl+X – Open/close driver internal door.
  • Ctrl+Shift+X – Activate/deactivate Window wipers
  • Shift+L – Passenger lights on/off
  • Shift+X – Open/close driver controls (cabview 2, and cabview 1 on the trailercar).
  • [ – Direction indicator light left on/off
  • ] – Direction indicator light right on/off
  • \ – Emergency lights on/off
  • Num / / Num * – Line and Destination display

Note 1: On the Pekeltram, only the first doors are set as "right side". All other doors are set as "left side", so they are seperately operable. This is due to the other doors only being used at the depot, to fill the Pekel tanks inside the tram.

Note 2: On the Hoftramm, only the first door on the first and last carriages are set as "right side". This is due to these doors being used by passengers. The door in the middle carriage is only used to load supplies into the tram, and the last door in the last carriage is an emergency exit. These doors are set as "left side", so they are seperately operable.

Codes for activities

To use them in your own activities, you can use these codes:

<train pack="TramNL" file="HTM_GTL8_1.xml"/>  (GTL8-I original version)
<train pack="TramNL" file="HTM_GTL8_1_2011.xml"/>  (GTL8-I 2011, with digital displays)
<train pack="TramNL" file="HTM_GTL8_1_2015.xml"/>  (GTL8-I 2015, with digital displays and new front)
<train pack="TramNL" file="HTM_GTL8_2.xml"/>  (GTL8-II original version)
<train pack="TramNL" file="HTM_GTL8_2_2011.xml"/>  (GTL8-II 2011, with digital displays)
<train pack="TramNL" file="HTM_GTL8_2_2015.xml"/>  (GTL8-II 2015, with digital displays and new front)
<train pack="TramNL" file="HTM_GTL8_2_Repaint.xml"/>  (GTL8-II original version, repaintable)
<train pack="TramNL" file="HTM_GTL8_2_Repaint_2011.xml"/>  (GTL8-II 2011, repaintable)
<train pack="TramNL" file="HTM_GTL8_H.xml"/>  (GTL8-I Hoftrammm)
<train pack="TramNL" file="HTM_GTL8_P.xml"/>  (GTL8-I Pekeltram)
<train pack="TramNL" file="HTM_GTL8_Trailer.xml"/>  (GTL8-I trailercar  -Fictional)
<train pack="TramNL" file="HTM_GTL8_1L.xml"/>  (GTL8-I Left traffic  -Fictional)

Example of how to place a GTL8 tram in an activity:

<consist start="HREM22">
	<train pack="TramNL" file="HTM_GTL8_2_2015.xml">
		<pantographs raised="true"/>
   		<car id="0" enabled="true" ai="611"/>

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