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Class 47
47635 - 47651
Traction power supply
ATB max. speed 75 mph

The British Rail Class 47 is a class of British railway diesel-electric locomotive that was developed in the 1960s by Brush Traction. A total of 512 Class 47s were built at Crewe Works and Brush's Falcon Works, Loughborough between 1962 and 1968, which made them the most numerous class of British mainline diesel locomotive.

Operations in the simulator

The train has been fitted with ATB-E (ATB "Eenvoudig", simple version) in order to be usable on the Rijndam en Simvliet railway networks. This system enforces maximum speed, but does so in the background (so no deadmen-switch buzzer every 30 seconds). The speedometer in the model has however been fitted with a little red pointer on the outside edge, to show for which speed the system recieves a signal. If no signal is recieved (for example; you are not on a track with ATB trainprotection), then it will by default enforce a maximum speed of 40 km/h. Note however; the speed dial in the cab shows the speed in MPH.

As these are powered by a diesel generator, don't forget to turn on the generator with Ctrl+E.

Activity codes

The package does not include activities using the Class 47. Use it in explore mode, or make your own activities.

In order to use the vehicles in your own activities, you can use these code lines:

<train pack="London" file="Class47.xml"/> Class 47 locomotive
<train pack="London" file="Class47.xml" number="47635"/> Class 47 locomotive, with "Jimmy Milne" nameplate as used on the Epping-Ongar Railway.

Special animations

Shift+X: Left cabin door
Ctrl+X: Right cabin door
Ctrl+Shift+X: activate/deactivate window wipers

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