Class 378

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Class 378
Traction power supply
Electric, 3rd rail / overhead wire
ATB / ZUB, Tripcock. Max. speed 75 mph (120 km/h)

The British Rail Class 378 Capitalstar is an electric multiple unit passenger train, which was specifically designed for the London Overground network (comparable to the French RER network around Paris or German S-Bahn networks). It is part of Bombardier Transportation's Electrostar family.

Class378 2.jpg

Operations in the simulator

Three versions have been build for the simulator; the 3-car, 4-car and 5-car trainsets, all of the 378/2 variant (duo voltage, suitable for both 3rd rail at 750V DC, and overhead power supply at 25 kV AC). For use on the Rijndam and Simvliet networks, these trains have been fitted with ATB and ZUB train protection systems.

Camera positions:

  • 1 - Cab 1
  • 2 - Cab 2
  • 3 - Passenger view 1 / movable camera
  • 4 - Cab 1 right side
  • 5 - Cab 2 right side
  • 6 - Passenger view 2
  • 7 - Passenger view 3

The package includes one activity using the Class 378; the Simvliet activity named "Evening line D (Class378)" (the existing activity of the same name, but with the rolling stock changed to the class 378).

Activity codes

You can place a train containing the Class 378 train your acitivity by using the following lines in your ACT file:

<train pack="London" file="Class378_3.xml"/> Class 378, London Overground, 3-car
<train pack="London" file="Class378_4.xml"/> Class 378, London Overground, 4-car
<train pack="London" file="Class378_5.xml"/> Class 378, London Overground, 5-car

<train pack="London" file="Class378_4_R.xml"/> Class 378, London Overground, 4-car, repaintable
<train pack="London" file="Class378_D.xml"/> Class 378, London Overground, 2-car, fictional diesel version
<train pack="London" file="Class378_D_R.xml"/> Class 378, London Overground, 2-car, fictional diesel version, repaintable

Unit numbers 38201 - 38220 feature the "Overground - 5 car train" sign on the front. If you specifically want these in your activity (and not leave it to the simulator to pick the units numbers at random), then specify the trainnumber in your act-file
(for example: <train pack="London" file="Class378_5.xml" number="38201"/> ).

You can find the texture files for the repaintable trains under "Data/London/Textures"

Special animations

Shift+X: Open/close left traindriver door
Ctrl+X: Open/close right traindriver door
Ctrl+Shift+X: Open/close emergency exit
\: Activate emergency exit light (only switchable on/off when cab is active. If you turn off the cab after activating the light, the light will stay on)

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