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Citadis 302/402
Traction power supply
Overhead wire / APS
ATB/ZUB/ROZ max. 80km/h

Note 23-12-2021: Updated to be compatible with Hageningen tram network in Metrosimulator 3.17, by adding "ROZ" (Rijden op Zicht / Drive on sight, as alternative to ATB and ZUB train protection). If you want to use these trams on this tram network and you have downloaded this package before this date, please re-download.

The Alstom Citadis 302/402 is a standardized modular design tram which has been sold to many cities worldwide. Important selling point by Alstom are the designs for the shape of the front/rear ends of the vehicles, which are redesigned for each city. This way, each city gets a vehicle with a unique appearance, at minimal added investments.
The difference between the 302 and 402 models is the length; the 402 is two modules longer (7 modules instead of 5, resting on 4 two-axle trucks instead of 3).

The original 3D models have been made by Seht13 on 3D Warehause. Refitting and animating them for use in the simulator, including building the interiors, was done by Sjoerd Ydema.

The package contains the following models:

Citadis 302 Madrid.jpg

  • 302 Madrid

Citadis 302 Reims.jpg

  • 302 Reims (fitted with APS)

Citadis 302 Lyon.jpg

  • 302 and 402 Lyon

Citadis 402 Grenoble.jpg

  • 402 Grenoble

Citadis 402 Tours.jpg

  • 402 Tours (fitted with APS)


  • 402 Paris

Operations In Simulator

In Metrosimulator, the vehicles are equipped with both train protection systems (LZB/ATB and ZUB), so you can use them on the entire tram networks(*). An indicator on the control panel shows which system is active.
(*)Be aware that only the Tours and Reims Citadis trams can be used on APS fitted tracks.

You can couple two vehicles together; the couplers will appear automatically when the connection is made. In reality, the couplers are only used as an emergency function, to tow away a defective vehicle. In Metrosimulator however, multi-unit operation is possible.

In order to use the vehicles in your own activities, you can use these code lines:

  • <train pack="TramCitadis" file="Citadis302_Madrid.xml"/>
  • <train pack="TramCitadis" file="Citadis302_Reims.xml"/>
  • <train pack="TramCitadis" file="Citadis302_Lyon.xml"/>
  • <train pack="TramCitadis" file="Citadis402_Lyon.xml"/>
  • <train pack="TramCitadis" file="Citadis402_Grenoble.xml"/>
  • <train pack="TramCitadis" file="Citadis402_Tours.xml"/>
  • <train pack="TramCitadis" file="Citadis402_Paris.xml"/>


The Tours and Reims Citadis trams are equiped with APS (Alimentation Par le Sol; power from the ground), a third rail system for trams. In order to use this functionality in the simulator, a new line T4 (Garenmarkt - Winkelcentrum Bogaard) has been added into Rijndam 2022 v1.3; the new section, starting at Centraal Station, is fitted with the APS system (be aware; trams that are not equipped for APS will not be able to function on this line).

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