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A suggestion for the CVL

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Hey, I had an idea for the CVL and especially explore mode

As everyone knows, you can change train numbers with it using the TWZ command. Now a thing I wanted to suggest is maybe adding a repeat command RP for short. The idea behind it would be that just like TWZ command it will change the train number but instead of having to constantly do it manually it would do it itself.

Lets say you wanna set up a M1 (AI) train in explore mode.
You could spawn in the train > Set the train codes 1001MB and then write 1001MB 1001BM RP
This would then set the train 1001MB to repeat going between train code 1001MB and 1001BM. The train would then automatically change the train code once it reaches the terminus. As an extra to this suggestion, it would also be good if AI don't turn off the train when arriving at the terminus.

A extra function would also be queuing. Still using the RP command but more codes
Lets say for example you wanna go from Molenwijk to Panbos and then wanna do a ficitional train from Panbos to Monument.
What you could do there is make train 1201MB and then in the CVL write: 1201MB 1201BO 1201OB 1201BM RP
What this would do is make the train change its codes and then repeat this order. That way you could have AI trains running multiple lines.

It would endlessly repeat those codes till the player either renames the train into something else, kinda allowing the player to let trains run as AI on lines themselves and only changing their train codes for them to return to the depot or going onto the line.

I know it might be a bit of a niche Idea, but I feel like it would be great for scenario creators who want to test potential ideas and also just for people who like to spawn their own train and start their own network with selected trains in explorer mode without having to edit ctd files.
Realistically you could even take a train from a depot in a activity and set it up that way so you can add another train into the activity whenever you like.
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