Rijndam Buitenvelden

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Rijndam Buitenvelden RBV.png
Opened Unknown
Type Railway station
Platforms 1 side platform
Tracks 1
Length 170m
Lines RR1

The station Rijndam Buitenvelden used to be the railwaystation for the town Buitenvelden, just outside of Rijndam. As Rijndam grew in size, Buitenvelden was annexed into the city of Rijndam.

The stations' location is roughly 600 meters from the old Buitenvelden town centre, where line M2 now has it's terminus station "Monument".

In 2018, and extension was opened along the nortern edge of Rijndam, to Noordvliet.

In 2020, passengers can transfer to the tram lines of Rijndam.