Made a Sunday Activity with works.

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Made a Sunday Activity with works.

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Hi all ;) , i recently modified a current activity and restructured the CTD file for City of Thames.

Basically, i made a activity where it's Sunday and many services are running, except for one line (Yellow Line), anyways, i changed the activity.

It's basically a inspiration on COVID-19 back in 2020 and combined with 2010 & Track Engineering Works.

The D Stock now have a greater involvement as the Southwick Depot stock.

I just need to come up with another service change activity.

You guys can suggest one but here are the Requirements:

It needs to involve the week activity
where it will take place
needs to include a shuttle (I don't know how to make a shuttle route in a CTD, so please don't get severely mad. :oops: )
needs to have a work train placed anywhere.
needs to involve a line currently in the game. (All Lines, Red Line or Red & Green Lines or Yellow & Green Lines)
Needs to have trains terminate at a station where it has a track to return at it's destination

Credit to Michel & Sjeord for the Week Activity.

Also, Place this in the City of Thames activity Folder. Read the text file for more info on what's going on in the activity

If you see errors, please notify my here
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