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Repaint Issue

Post by tunneltrain96 »

Hey there,

I was trying to make a repaint for the KTM 23 tram, and when I tried loading it in the sim, it didn't apply the custom livery. I know that I named everything correctly, but no matter what I try it won't spawn in, and spawns in with the other repaint livery. I also made sure that it was in the correct file type, and it was.

If you're curious about what the repaint is, look up the Koln Polizei tram, it's like that but in a Politie livery for the KTM 23.
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Re: Repaint Issue

Post by brozma »

You're not alone tunneltrain96. I also encountered this problem, when I tried to repaint KTM Citylink to Prague trams livery. And yeah, I double checked if custom repaints are enabled in startup menu.
I wonder if we did something wrong, or if repainting got broken in some update.
@Michiel - Have we done something wrong, so the repaints didn't show up for us? Isn't repainting broken, or something?
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