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Rijndam T1 Tram

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hello :D

I have been noticing for some time and this happens since the T3 extension from Denia to Garenmakt a big tendency for the T1 line in Rijndam to be later while it carries out the service towards the central station.

I hereby come to ascertain what I have verified and accordingly suggest a small but significant improvement.

I noticed that the delays in the service from T1 to the Central Station happen mostly between the stops "Dagobertlaan" and "Oranjeboomstraat" ie between the cvl codes from "T121" to "T116".
The justification for such an event is due to the fact that it is an area of ​​single line crossings and consequently requires the passage of trams at a time, and on lines "T2" and "T3" there is a lower tendency for delays due to careful and cohesive timetable created, they never show delays between the stops "Einsteinstraat-->Dagobertlaan" or "Einsteinstraat--> Oranjeboomstraat" and vice-versa.
The T1 line on the other hand is always showing delays due to the fact that it largely has to wait for the services of the "T3" line in the service from "Garenmarkt" to "Denia" to pass between the stops "Oranjeboomstraat" to "Einsteinstraat" and vice versa, between CVL codes "T147" to "T116" or between "T117" to "T147" delaying the trams for this reason. Another delay factor is also the fact that the "T2" vehicles at the "Dagobertlaan" stop coincides with the "T1" vehicles, making the "T1" vehicles have to wait for the "T2" vehicles to pass between "T147 " to "T121" and seconds later you have to wait for the T3 to pass between "T147" to "T116", consequently delaying the service.

Ultimetly, I hereby propose the suggestion of creating a new CVL code intermediate between the stops "Dagobertlaan" and "Oranjeboomstraat", that is, between the CVL codes "T121" and "T116" or "T117" and "T120" as shown below in the image market on a red ciruclar point.This solution will ensure that even if block "T116" at the "Oranjeboomstraat" stop is being occupied by another tram or even being obstructed by a tram passing between blocks "T117" and "T147", the tram serving T1 for the central one can position itself in this new cvl block, and proceed as soon as it has the opportunity, being closer to the stop "Oranjeboomstraat" and thus reducing the delay time (currently T1 can delay between 1 minute and 3 minutes, with this solution the delay was reduced to a maximum of 1 minute).

I hope you take my suggestion into consideration and even if you don't thank you for your time :D .
Tram CVL Suggestion
Tram CVL Suggestion
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