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Metro Sim Rush Hour Challenge

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Hello there everyone,

I have a challenge for all of you. Let's see how good of a line controller you are! The challenge is:

Spawn and run as many AI trains on the Rijndam M6 line, and see how many trains you get before you (or the line) get overwhelmed.

Basic rules/guide:

Start by spawning any rubber tyre trains at Blaak depot (spawn trains on every siding), then turn on every train and then enable AI mode. Next, route the first train into one of the platforms at Station Blaak. Then, route another train into the other platform. Once the second train has cleared the X junction between the depot and the station, set off the first train. After that, send another train into the platform that was just occupied. Again, once that train has cleared all the junctions, send the 2nd train.

Repeat this at both Station Blaak at Tropicana. Once there are no more trains in the depot, spawn in another set. Or, if you wanna make it harder spawn another train once one of them has left. Keep repeating this sequence until the line either becomes filled, or you delay the trains too much.

Currently, my record is about 2-4 depot full slots of trains. If you like, you test the AI's limits by making an activity that does this all for you.

Good luck to everyone, and let me know if there are other lines that this could work on! :D
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