WIP: MVG Class A + B

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Re: WIP: MVG Class A + B

Post by metrosimfan »

These trains don't work as AI in my Simulator. They get stuck immediately
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Re: WIP: MVG Class A + B

Post by Sjoerd »

metrosimfan wrote: 15 Feb 2020, 14:34 These trains don't work as AI in my Simulator. They get stuck immediately
Sjoerd wrote: 29 Jan 2020, 23:15 Anyone have a problem with the MVG metro? ATB/LZB malfunctioning or black sunscreen in the cab?

In that case; please re-download: https://filehorst.de/d/dppDhsCg ;)
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Re: WIP: MVG Class A + B

Post by Nicolas »

I was playing the M4 Normal (MVG A) activity on Rijndam 2022, and on the way back from Rijndam Airport a train that was supposed to leave a siding got stuck with both cabs on and caused a traffic jam. I managed to get it moving but when I finally reached the station with my own train after waiting for the traffic jam to clear, the ATB just wouldn't let me move despite having clear track. I have the latest version of the train published on January 29.
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Re: WIP: MVG Class A + B

Post by MarcelMerker »

Hello DT§-LZB,

would it be possible to get the .blend files for those two babies? im from nürnberg but i cant model them myself so im asking you now.
I would love to have these both.

Im looking forward to hear from you.

Greetings MarcelMerker
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Re: WIP: MVG Class A + B

Post by TigerChris »

Hello dear DT3-LZB,
I wanted to ask you very nicely if I can also have the Blender Data from the A car ? Originally come from the LOTUS simulator Zene and rebuild the Munich Map there.
With your Type A car we would already have the first subway for the LOTUS Simulator :-)
Currently I have been laying tracks underground on the subway since patch 103.
Attached are some pictures.
greetings TigerChris
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Re: WIP: MVG Class A + B

Post by Sgt_DeBones »

Off topic: What ever happened to LOTUS Simulator?
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Re: WIP: MVG Class A

Post by iore2000 »

DT3-LZB wrote: 01 Jun 2019, 19:01 No. However, other things are happening at Waggonbau Hamburg:

Is there any news about Class B?
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