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Teaser for new routes.

Post by NJTFAN1235! »

Hi guys, so we heard about the routes xml?

Well, i decided to make my own routes for the XML.

Here's a example of one of the routes i made:

<route code="Green-EG" end="2412,2413" totaltime="1545" reversetime="30" scrollsign="Green-GWR">
<route code="Green-GE" end="4001,4002,4003" totaltime="1755" reversetime="30" scrollsign="Green-BTJ">

So as you can see here: This route is the Green Line from Ealing Central to GWR Station. Running via the Red Line.
Note: There wasn't a Green Line Scroll sign to Ealing Central so i by default used the Beckton Junction sign.

This idea was founded as i recently saw a Youtuber named James Spirit. I thought of it and said, why not add this route to the XML file?

More combinations will come soon, come up with idea?

Please mention your route and i will be happy to add it to the idea list.
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