can someone make a late night timetable and activity?

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can someone make a late night timetable and activity?

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i wanted to ask if anyone could do a late night xml timetable with services for Rijndam 2022 running at least frequently:

I need it because im making a late night activity.
So here's how it works:

At Late Nights:

For Rijndam Rail services:

RR1 & RR2 run normally.
Essim Tunnel Bound Trains run via Hemlo and resume their normal route from there.
Groenburg & Blaak are closed at late nights.
Zeeburg Haven Trains run normally.
Intercity trains bound for Zeeburg will use the HSL but Intercity Trains from Zeeburg will use the Hemlo route.
Intercity Airport Trains operate normally.

M1: Normal Services with Westpoort & Noorderpoort & Noordvilet being terminus for most services. Panbos will see 3 trains as a terminal.
M2: runs to Westplein.
M3: runs via Garenmarkt to Hospital
M4: Normal Services.

Airport Shuttle: Normal Services

Tram Services:

T1: Runs from Station Buitenvelden to Centraal Station frequently.
T2: Statenpolder to Station Blaak.
T3: Normal Services.
T4: Normal Services.
Shuttle T2 services operates from Ketelplein to Dagobertlaan

Museumline: Will Operate All late nights and rarely operating to Panbos on some occasions.
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