Help with creating a new activity.

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Help with creating a new activity.

Post by ChicagoSubwayNerd »

So, I downloaded this game a while ago and tried a bit of the official activities, which are pretty fun.

I have also noticed that custom activities are an option, but require you to configure them via a text file.

Is there a graphical GUI that lets you create activities like Railworks/Train simulator?
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Re: Help with creating a new activity.

Post by Sjoerd »

No, there isn't. If you want to make your own activites, you can, but you have to learn the coding.

I did write an explenation on how it works a few years back, but it is in Dutch... -> ... 376#p16376

Mostly, I would advise to read the coding of an existing activity (it is XML-code, so very easy readable), and try some small modifications. If it all works, you can then try building your own activity.

If you made an XML error.... You will find the network loads empty :D
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Re: Help with creating a new activity.

Post by giovanni15 »

Hi a little question. i cannot edit or make a new activity because i need permisson to edit it and i dont know how i can get permission on it. the error code says that i need to ask the maker of the file permission. how can i fix this
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