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Forum rules

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  • You must register using a personal e-mail address. Accounts redistricted using a disposable e-mail address will be deleted without warning.
  • Keep it friendly and no foul language.
  • Do not quote messages unnecessarily as it will make the thread hard to read. In particular do not quote images.
  • Use a proper title when starting a new thread, not just 'I have a question' or 'Can someone help me?'.
  • Do not reply to spam, instead use the report button.
  • Please keep in mind that both this forum and game are maintained by volunteers. Try not to:
    • Post silly suggestions like "make this train", "build this city" or "add a new line". We do not have the manpower for that.
    • Ask for release dates, it's ready when it's ready.
    • Ask for what new features/lines/maps are coming. Often we haven't decided yet, or we want want to make it a surprise.
Messages that do not comply with these rules may be deleted without warning. We do not have the manpower to personally inform everybody about why a message is deleted. Members who continuously break the rules will receive a warning. Continuing to break the rules after a warning can result in being banned. Creating a new account to bypass a ban can result in the new account to be deleted without warning.
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