plans for a budapest metro styled map?

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plans for a budapest metro styled map?

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i know its been a long time since we dont have any budapest metro rolling stock this makes me feel happy is there going to be a fictional map based on the budapest metro with the am5-m2 am4-m4 81-717 2k and Ganz MFAV and the metro lines would be based on line 1 line 2 line 3 line 4 Fictional line 5 6 and 7 or are you going to makes the budapest metro line 2 and 4?
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Re: plans for a budapest metro styled map?

Post by perfecttrains1000 »

To quote a response to your previous forum asking about plans for another set of routes
AlistairCowell wrote: 13 Nov 2022, 17:50 I think we only have two route developers and they are too busy doing their routes. City of Thames (a fictional subway map based on London Underground) and Lausanne (a real-life swiss rubbered tire metro) is currently in the pipeline.
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