What's wrong with this activity?

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What's wrong with this activity?

Post by Alfacinha315 »

A friend of mine made this activity for Simvliet 2020. The purpose is to distribute the services for activities. He started from line A, making the activity for the 301 abd 302 services. However, the 303 services forces him to take more trains from the depot.

As it was stated in the forum, maybe there are two trains at the same place. Can you please check what's wrong with this activity?

He says he is commited to elaborate the game, in the Simvliet map.

Many thanks in advance.

Note: as I am unable to upload .act and .txt files in the forum, I decided to upload the activity in a link from WeTransfer. https://we.tl/t-GUfVps9Jyc
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Re: What's wrong with this activity?

Post by NatIsrael972 »

Could you reupload the file? I'm like less than a week old with my experience of MSB but I'd like to see if I could help :)
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