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Re: Screenshots & Videos

Post by Sjoerd »

Jim2016 wrote: 14 Sep 2021, 10:46 Question, the tracks that turn left in Delft when going towards the 1 and 19 terminus, and then go through the TU campus were used by that steam tram?
Here is a quick sketch of the situation in Delft....

Red: the route of the steam tram, nothing left of that today.
Orange: The route of the current tramline 1, shared with line 19 until the train station.
Yellow: The route on which line 19 will be extended. Tracks are (mostly) in place, no overhead wires yet.

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Re: Screenshots & Videos

Post by Jim2016 »

Got it, thanks to all three of you!
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Re: Screenshots & Videos

Post by AlistairCowell »

Sjoerd wrote: 13 Sep 2021, 20:30 Yes, I had to improvise when I was building the Rijndam (and Toronto) tram lines. Am I going to upgrade that? Indeed probably not (but never say never); I always have to weigh needed effort versus potential benefit (especially as I could also use that same time creating something new instead). ;)
One of the improvisations was the use of KTM trams in R-NET Livery as well as fictional KTM CityLink.
Also, all trams what would have had a pole in real life would have pantograph in the sim instead, and
Lisbon and Toronto trams were a particular example.

Also I doubt any extensions to the Rijndam 2022 map will be carried out, now that we have more maps.
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Re: Screenshots & Videos

Post by Transrapid1 »

I think the Rijndam 2022 Railways map will be updated soon...
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Re: Screenshots & Videos

Post by tunneltrain96 »

Never say never, however what Sjored is currently showing leads to the work in progress Hageningen tram line(s).
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Re: Screenshots & Videos

Post by JeffT »

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Just a test run.
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