Statenpolder deport T156

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Statenpolder deport T156

Post by Lyon »

On the tram deport in Statenpolder, when t2 ariived at the terminal t156, we cannot leave that deport, the tram can enter on the deport but when is time to do the service Statenpolder-Keteplein the tram doesnt iniciated, it just stand there, this hapeened whrn i was playoing the activity t4 normal service reims, i was using the tram citadis 302 Lyon
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Re: Statenpolder deport T156

Post by Sjoerd »

I just checked it...

In Rijndam 2022, track T156 isn't a buffer/pauze facility anymore; it is now ment as a continueing track to proceed towards Denia, for line T3. So in the CTD-file, trams terminating at Statenpolder are not sent to T156 anymore, but only to T157. So there is also no AI-marker to re-activate a tram on T156.

I'll re-insert the AI-marker, to make this track usable as a buffer/pauze facility again in next versions (which would be the update for 3.16 when the time comes). ;)
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