Beta 3.16.1 crashes at random moments

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Beta 3.16.1 crashes at random moments

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As the title said, I've experienced moments where the game shuts down at seemingly random moments. I haven't been able to pinpoint a common denominator yet, but the last time that it happened, it was while I was clicking around on the timetable-thingys (don't know the name for them, sorry) while doing an activity mode-run on Rijndam. I probably picked the full schedule weekday-run, trains included and all. Oh and I was on the Airport Shuttle (4?), while letting the AI drive as I was trying to figure out where to find the time schedule of the shuttle service I was on.

Of course, all help will be appreciated.
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Re: Beta 3.16.1 crashes at random moments

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Trying to install this version of directx, I think it may solve the problem
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