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Zeeburg ZB.jpg
Opened Unknown
Type Main railway station
Platforms 2 side platforms, 1 island platform
Tracks 5
Length 335m
Lines NS
Destination Code X

Zeeburg is the main station of the (fictional) city Zeeburg on the coast near Rijndam.

The station has four platform tracks:

  • Track 1 is devided into an A and a B section (so two shorter trains can be handeled at the same time). This track is mainly used for trains to Zeeburg Haven (Zeeburg Harbor).
  • Track 2 doesn't have a platform; this track can be used to go around a train on track 1a (when departing from track 1b), or to simply pass the station without stopping.
  • Track 3 is suitable for long intercity trains, of up to 11 carriages.
  • Tracks 4 and 5 are long enough for 7 carriage trains.

There are four sidings for trains using the HSL (High Speed Line) to Ypenburg and Rijndam, and two sidings for local trains for the line to Zeeburg haven (Zeeburg Harbor).

In Rijndam 2022 v1.3, you can depart the station in two directions; to Zeeburg Haven, and to Ypenburg/Rijndam. The third departure direction, on to other side of the station, falls under the national rail network, which has not been further build on the map.