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5600 Series
5700 Series
Traction power supply
Third rail and Overhead wire
ATB max. 80km/h
ZUB max. 100km/h

Along side with the RSG3 the SG3 stock was the fourth type of passenger rolling stock on the metro system of Rotterdam. The trains (5600 Series) were built between 2009 and 2011 and are completely identical to the RSG3 stock. The colour marks the only difference between the two series. The trains are mainly operational on Metrolijn A, B and C and elsewhere on the network if necessary. The fleet consists of 42 sets.

Another 16 sets (5700 Series) were build between 2015 and 2016 for Metrolijn A and B but the livery was not Decided.

Operating Range

The SG3 can Operate on all Electrified Lines. Ex: In Simvliet, they have ATB and ZUB which they can Swtich right before Arriving Stadionweg or Departing Stadionweg. Plus they have Third Rail Shoes and Overhead Pantograph for both Third Rail and Overhead Lines.

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