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Before the release of the map editor, creation or sharing of custom maps is not possible.

Most maps are built-in, in the latest MetroSim version. Some are available as add-ons. The list is now arranged chronologically. Upcoming maps have been oredered by rough hints given by their creators or by the beta version they are going to be released with.

Name Released in Discontinued in Creator Fictional? Download Description
Simvliet 2013
Simvliet 2013.png
Beta 3.5 Beta 3.10 Michiel Yes N/A (Built-in)
(Not available since Beta 3.10)
RET Simvliet operates a Network consisting of three lines that split into branches of the main route off to the suburbs in coorperation with Randstatrail.
Simvliet 1982
Simvliet 1986.png
Beta 3.7 Michiel Yes N/A (Built-in) Simvliet in 1982
Simvliet 2017
Simvliet 2017.png
Beta 3.8 Beta 3.10 Michiel Yes N/A (Built-in)
(Not available since Beta 3.10)
Simvliet in 2017
Simvliet 2020
Simvliet 2020.png
Beta 3.9 Michiel Yes N/A (Built-in) Simvliet in 2020. Since Beta 3.10, the map features Day/Night cycle and dark tunnel mode.
Rijndam 2016
Beta 3.10

Add-on / Beta 3.14
Beta 3.12
Sjoerd Yes Download Sjoerd's fictional city with its 4 Metro lines (each take 20-30 minutes in one direction) to explore and the most diversity in MetroSim yet. Viaducts, Sneltram, Over and Underground sections, Special services, such as the museum line, and the day and night cycle promise that Metro drivers won't get bored.

Re-released as add-on for Metrosimulator 3.14 or higher.

Rijndam 1985
Rijndam Netwerk 1985.png
Beta 3.11 Sjoerd Yes N/A (Built-in) The heritage Rijndam route contains two lines, wich are now the lines M1 and M2
Rijndam 2018
Beta 3.11 Sjoerd Yes N/A (Built-in) Rijndam has evolved: Line M2 has 5 more stations, the Network now only uses RSG3 trains, the bridge was electrified and the Museumline is now capable of ZUB protection system.
Rijndam 2006
Rijndam Metrokaart 2006.png
Beta 3.12 Sjoerd Yes N/A (Built-in) Rijndam in 2006
Rijndam 2020
Rijndam2020 314.png
Beta 3.12 Sjoerd Yes N/A (Built-in) In 2020, line M4 gets a new tunnel under the city centre and is extended to Transferium Rijndijk, new lines M6 and M7 are added to the network, a new trainstation is opened at Molenwijk, the Airport Shuttle service is transformed to the rubber tired system, and three tramlines are added (T3 replacing M5).
Arend Steam Railway
Arend 2.jpg
Add-on Sjoerd Yes Download A fictional railway park, using the 1839 Dutch steam locomotive Arend.
Rotterdam 1968
Beta 3.13 Michiel No N/A (Built-in) A map of the Rotterdam metro in 1968, to celebrate the network's opening, 50 years ago.
Subway map.png
Beta 3.14 Sjoerd No N/A (Built-in) Recreation of the Glasgow Subway
Rijndam 2022
Rijndam2022 B.png
Add-on Sjoerd Yes Full (1.2)
Full (1.1)
Full (1.0)
In this edition of Rijndam, tramline T3 gets a new route from Denia to Garenmarkt via Statenpolder. In order to prevent frame-drop, a light version is available with a number of lines are out of service. While in the full version all the scenery is available.
On version 1.1, a turning loop was added at the Centraal Station tram stop to make the use of single-cab rolling stock possible.
On version 1.2, a loop has been added in Garenmarkt, while the existing loop in Centraal Station has been redesigned.
Toronto Streetcar 509 Harbourfront
Unknown Sjoerd No N/A 509 Harbourfront is a streetcar route in Toronto, Canada, operated by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). The line has 12 stops, two of which underground.
H2 Corridor

Unknown MG2 Partially N/A (Built-in) National Rail map with National Rail rolling stock. Details to follow at a later time.

Unknown Samuel Yes N/A (Built-in)
Unknown Michiel Yes N/A (Built-in) Test route for new assets