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Poort Poort.png
Opened Unknown
Type Metro station
Platforms 2
Tracks 2
Length 180m
Lines C.png

Poort is a station in line C in Simvliet. The branch on which the station was included was never electrified due to insufficient height of the tunnel. It was serviced by diesel trains until the station was closed in 2020. There were plans to keep the station open as extension from Simvliet Airport (part of the Simvliet Lightrail proposal) but no decision was made in time to prevent the closing of this station.

In Beta 3.15, it will be served by line Line C (Simvliet) trains running from Simvliet Centraal to Delfsblaak. As the tracks will be electrified by third rail, the railroad crossing near the tunnel will be removed.