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E186 001 - 045
Traction power supply
overhead wire
ATB-EG / ETCS max. speed 160 km/h
Metrosimulator 3.15 needed

The NS Class 186 is a type of B-B electric locomotive built by Bombardier Transportation between 2006 and 2014. It is a member of the Bombardier TRAXX family of locomotives, the Bombardier TRAXX F140 MS2 variant. They are a Multi-Systems variant of the TRAXX, a quadruple voltage locomotive, able to operate on most European electrification schemes: 1.5/3.0 kV DC and 15/25 kV AC.

The locomotives are used for pulling passenger stock on routes using (at least part of) the Dutch high speed line (HSL), at a speed of 160 km/h. These routes are:

  • Amsterdam - Rotterdam
  • Amsterdam - Breda
  • Amsterdam / The Hague - Brussels (B)
  • The Hague - Eindhoven (using the HSL between Rotterdam and Breda)

Operation in Metrosimulator

To use this locomotive in your activities, you can use this code:

<train pack="TRAXX" file="TRAXX.xml">

The locomotive has four pantographs, three of which can be operated. As Metrosimulator doesn't work with different voltages, it doesn't care which pantograph you are using. Therefore, the AI will always select pantograph 1 when it wants to depart while all pantographs are still down.

Special animations

  • Shift+X: Open/close left driver door
  • Ctrl+X: Open/close right driver door
  • Ctrl+Shift+X: activate/deactivate window wiper
  • Ctrl+[: Pantograph 2 up
  • Shift+[: Pantograph 2 down
  • Ctrl+]: Pantograph 3 (25kV) up
  • Shift+]: Pantograph 3 (25kV) down
  • \ : Emergency lights (both red and white lights); danger signal to warn other trains.

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