Line M2 (Rijndam)

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Monument - Centraal Station
Rijndam2020 314.png
Route 1985
Ketelplein - Noorderpoort
2006 - 2016
Monument - Centraal Station
Monument - Transferium Rijndijk
Monument - Centraal Station
Length 14 Stations
Tracks 2
Today In use
uSKBFa Monument
ueABZg+l to Centraal Station / Statenpolder
uSHST Ambachtslaan
transfer: Line LineT2.png
uSHST Ketelplein
transfer: Line LineT2.png
uSHST Vossemeerlaan
ueABZlf to Depot Bergenseweg
uHST Station Westplein
transfer: Lines LineM3.png LineRR1.png
uHST Bergenseweg
uHST Brielselaan
transfer: Lines LineT1.png LineT2.png
uHST Westpoort
transfer: Line LineM1.png
ueABZrf to Molenwijk
uHST Damplein
transfer: Line LineM1.png
uHST Museumkwartier
transfer: Line LineM1.png
uHST Guggenheim museum
transfer: Line LineM4.png
ueABZg+l to Molenwijk / Rijndam Airport
ueABZlf to Station Blaak / Tropicana
uHST Nationale Opera
transfer: Line LineM6.png
uHST Wilhelminapark
uKBHFe Centraal Station
transfer: Lines LineM1.png LineM4.png LineT1.png LineRR1.png LineRR2.png

Line M2 is a metro line in Rijndam that runs between Monument and Centraal Station.