Line B (Simvliet)

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Simvliet Airport - De Molens
Simvliet 2020.png
Opened 1984
Simvliet Centrum - De Molens
Simvliet Airport - Simvliet Centrum
Length 16 Stations
Tracks 2
Today In use (Beta 3.6 and later)
uKBHFa Simvliet Airport
uHST Simvliet WTC
uHST Universiteit
uHST Westpark
uHST Simvliet Centrum
uHST Alexanderpark
uHST Kruidveldlaan
ueABZg+r to Bergpark Depot
uHST De Bergen
uHST Vismarkt
uHST Rooseveltlaan
uHST Stadionweg
transfer: Line A.png
BSicon .pngueABZlfBSicon .png to Araplein
uHST Tussenvelden
transfer: Line C.png
BSicon .pngueABZrfBSicon .png to Lelywaard
uSHST Berklaan
uSHST Rozenpad
uSHST Winterlaan
uSBHF De Molens
uENDEe De Molens Uitloop

Line B is a is a metro line in Simvliet. It runs from Simvliet Airport towards De Molens. It has 16 stations, the departure and arrives at Tussenvelden has a change on the electrical system of the train between overhead and third rail.