Line B (Simvliet)

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Simvliet Airport - De Molens
Simvliet 2020.png
Opened 1984
Simvliet Centrum - De Molens
Simvliet Airport - Simvliet Centrum
Length 16 Stations
Tracks 2
Today In use (Beta 3.6 and later)
uKBHFa Simvliet Airport
uHST Simvliet WTC
uHST Universiteit
uHST Westpark
uHST Simvliet Centrum
uHST Alexanderpark
uHST Kruidveldlaan
uDSTuSTR Emplacement De Bergen
uHST De Bergen
uHST Vismarkt
uHST Rooseveltlaan
uHST Stadionweg
transfer: Line A.png
BSicon .pngueABZlfBSicon .png to Araplein
uHST Tussenvelden
transfer: Line C.png
BSicon .pngueABZrfBSicon .png to Lelywaard
uSHST Berklaan
uSHST Rozenpad
uSHST Winterlaan
uSBHF De Molens
uENDEe Spout track De Molens

Line B is a is a metro line in Simvliet. It runs from Simvliet Airport towards De Molens. It has 16 stations, the departure and arrives at Tussenvelden has a change on the electrical system of the train between overhead and third rail.

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