Line A (Simvliet)

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Simvliet Airport - Araplein
Simvliet 2020.png
Opened 2006
Stadionweg - Springstaat
Simvliet Centrum - Stadionweg
Springstraat - Araplein
Simvliet Airport - Simvliet Centrum
Length 15 Stations
Tracks 1 or 2
Today In use (Beta 3.6 and later)
uKBHFa Simvliet Airport
uHST Simvliet WTC
uHST Universiteit
uHST Westpark
uHST Simvliet Centrum
uHST Alexanderpark
uHST Kruidveldlaan
ueABZg+r to Bergpark Depot
uHST De Bergen
uHST Vismarkt
uHST Rooseveltlaan
uHST Stadionweg
transfer: Line B.png C.png
BSicon .pngueABZrfBSicon .png to Lelywaard / De Molens
uSHST Noordplein
uSHST Varenweg
ueABZg+r to Emplacement Springstraat
uSHST Springstraat
uSKBFe Araplein

Line A is a metro line in Simvliet, which runs from Simvliet Airport to Araplein. While it has the first letter as name, it is in fact the newest line, line letters were assigned later so these do not represent the order in which lines were constructed. The line was opened in 2006 between Stadionweg and Springstraat as a shuttle service with only 4 stations running on single track. Due to the success of the line, it was extended towards Simvliet Centrum in 2013 over the already existing line. In 2017, it was extended to Araplein, and finally in 2020, the line was extended to Simvliet Airport.