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London Underground 1973 stock
LU1973 Screenshot.png
Traction power supply
3rd/4th rail
ATB max. speed 80km/h

The London Underground 1973 Stock is a type of rolling stock used on the Piccadilly line of the London Underground. They normally run in either 6-car or 3-car formations.

The more common 6-car consist is formed by coupling two DM+T+UNDM formations; driver motorcar (DM), trailercar (T), and "uncoupling non-driver motorcar" (UNDM).

The 3-car consist, also known as a 'double ended unit', is formed by a DM+T+DM formation. These 3-car consists can run on their own, but can also service coupled with a DM+T+UNDM formation. The double ended units where intended to create more flexibility in rolling stock deployment; for example to replace a DM+T+UNDM formation when it is out of service for maintenance, and to operate the now closed Aldwych branch of the Piccadilly line.

In the Simulator

Like the other tubes trains, this stock can be used only in specific designed lines.

  • In Simvliet:
    • These trains can not be used

Train Consists

In Metrosimulator, the following consists will be available;

London: Single ended unit (DM+T+UNDM, to be coupled back-to-back)

London: Double ended unit (DM+T+DM, can run on it's own, or coupled with the single ended unit)

Glasgow (Beta 3.14): SPT repaint, driver motor car (to be coupled back-to-back, units 1-33)

Special animations:
Shift+X: Left cabin door
Ctrl+X: Right cabin door
Ctrl+Shift+X: activate/deactivate window wipers