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High Speed Metro
HSM S1.png
HSM side.png
Traction power supply
Third rail and Overhead wire
ATB and ZUB max. speed under protection: 100 km/h. Top speed possible: 250 km/h

The High Speed Metro is the fastest train on the Simvliet network, with an incredible acceleration and a unprotected top speed of 250km/h. But because high speeds are not possible on high density metro networks, this train is totally fictive.

The Train has on door on each side each wagon. The whole train can also be repainted, as well as the destination board.

The Train currently has a bug that fails the protection system when returning to ATB from ZUB.

Speed Record

The HSM trains can cover the distance between Simvliet Airport and Lelywaard in 4 minutes, 10 seconds and 21 centiseconds (4:10.21), without stopping at any station and following the quickest track way.
The train's top speed, during the route, was 251 km/h (156 mph), when going down the bridge between Parklaan and Oostpark.


This is how long it takes, the HSM, to complete the following routes (non-stop), with protection disabled:

Metro Networks
Map Line Route Time (m:s.cs)
Simvliet A Simvliet Airport - Araplein 3:54.50
Simvliet B Simvliet Airport - De Molens 3:43.75
Simvliet C Simvliet Airport - Lelywaard 4:10.21
Rijndam M1 Molenwijk - Panbos 4:33.13
Rijndam M2 Monument - Centraal Station 3:21.45
Rijndam M3 Rijnland ZKH - Centraal Station 3:08.34
Rijndam M4 Rijndam Airport - Transferium 4:24.79
Rijndam M5 Transferium - Denia 1:23.80
Rijndam M6 Station Blaak - Tropicana 2:02:95
Rijndam M7 Noorderpoort - Megastores N/A
Railway Networks
Map Line Route Time (m:s.cs)
Simvliet SRL Simvliet Centraal - Delfsblaak 2:39.07
Simvliet SRL Simvliet Centraal - Simvliet Haven 1:32:92
Simvliet SRL Simvliet Centraal - Simvliet Buiten N/A
Simvliet SRL Simvliet Buiten - Simvliet Haven N/A
Simvliet SRL Simvliet Buiten - Delfsblaak 6:02.93
Rijndam RR1 Rijndam Molenwijk - Noordvliet 4:56.08
Rijndam RR2 Rijndam Molenwijk - Rijndam Zuid 2:33.89