Glasgow SPT subway train

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Glasgow SPT subway train
Motorcars: 101-133
Trailercars: 201-208
Traction power supply
3rd rail
ATB max. speed 54 km/h

The Glasgow Subway rolling stock serves the Glasgow Subway, the third-oldest underground metro system in the world. These trains are the second generation of rolling stock to service the network, and have been in service since 1980. A typical train consists of three carriages; either three motorcars, or two motorcars with a trailer in between. During quiet times, a two-car train (consisting of two motorcars) can also be used. As each motorcar has only one driver cab, at least two of them have to be coupled back to back.

In the Simulator

Like the other tubes trains, this stock can be used only in specific designed lines.

  • In Simvliet:
    • These trains can not be used

The back of the motorcar and both ends of the trailercar are also equipped with 'cabview' positions. From these positions, it is possible to open/close the emergency door at the end of the carriage.
From the back end of the motorcar, it is also possible to make shunt-movements at slow speed.

The Glasgow subway train will be available in three liveries; the famous all-orange livery, a later maroon-crème livery, and the livery which is currently in use (see image on the right. This livery is repaintable).

All three liveries are available for the entire series (101-133 for the motorcars, 201-208 for the trailercars). When using multiple liveries in the same activity, it is therefore advisable to fix the numbers for each train you put into the activity, as the AI of the depot might get confused if there are multiple vehicles with the same number present.

Special animations

Motorcar cabview 1 position:

Shift+X: Open/close emergency door
Ctrl+X: Open/close door to the passenger compartment
Ctrl+Shift+X: activate/deactivate window wiper

Motorcar cabview 2 position, and trailercar cabview 1 & 2 positions:

Shift+X: Open/close emergency door

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