Beta 3.14

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Beta 3.14

Simvliet 2020.png


Rijndam Metrokaart 2020 (9).png

Subway map.png

Release date TBA
Maps Rotterdam 1968
Rijndam 2020
(more TBC)
Contains Look at the "New features" section
Download N/A
In Development

Beta 3.14 will be the eleventh publicly released version of Metro Simulator Beta 3. The release date hasn’t been announced yet.

New features

  • New map: Glasgow
    • Inner Circle
    • Outer Circle
  • Rijndam 2020
    • The M5 metro line is now converted to a tram line (T3)
    • Due to the conversion, all stops have now lower platforms. Also, temporary high platforms have been built to accommodate metro rolling stock.
    • New tram platforms have been built at the street level of Transferium Rijndijk
    • A new T3 stop between Denia and Westwoud: Denia Spoorplein
  • Other changes
  • More features to be announced at a later time