Beta 3.13

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Beta 3.13 Rijndam Metrokaart 2020 (7).png

Release date February 2018
Maps Rijndam 2020
Contains Look at the "New features" section
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New features

  • Rijndam 2020
    • The Metrovagonmash type 81-717/714 from the Moscow metro system is introduced to Lines M4 and M6
    • The SG3 units from Line M4/M6 can be used on other lines, forming longer trains
    • Line M4 converted to 3rd rail and ATB protection (instead of overhead wires & ZUB), for greater flexibility of non-ZUB and/or 3rd rail only rolling stock
    • At 's Gravendijk, level crossings are replaced by an underpass and/or a bridge for pedestrians to cross the tracks, due to the 3rd rail
    • A new bridge (made by Senjer) replaces the old one, between Deallertweg and Rijndamsebaan tram stops
    • Several bug fixes
  • Other changes
  • More features to be announced in early February