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{{Navigatie C Simvliet}}
{{Navigatie C Simvliet}}
{{Navigatie D Simvliet}}
{{Navigatie D Simvliet}}
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Simvliet Centraal Simvliet Centraal.png
Opened Unknown
Type Railway/metro station
Platforms 3 (2 NS, 1 metro)
Tracks 8 (6 NS, 2 metro)
Length Unknown
Lines Metro
C.png D.png
Destination Code E

Simvliet Centraal is the main railway station of Simvliet. It is located in the new neighbourhood of the city, next to the Simvliet Centrum metro station. National railway lines terminates here such as the Rijndam-Simvliet, Simvliet-Apeldoorn and so on. Passengers can transfer here for Simvliet Buses, and metro lines C and D.