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* Total passenger capacity per six-carriage train 665
* Total passenger capacity per six-carriage train 665
==Operations In Simulator==
==In the Simulator==
As with the real trains, the Metrosimulator model is composed of 3-car units, each with one driver cab. Two units have to be coupled back-to-back to form a complete train. On the end of the UNDM-car (without driver cab), a small control panel is available for shunting purposes.<br>
Be aware that the floor height of the 1995 stock is lower then the standard height used in most Metrosimulator networks. At the moment, only line M7 on the Rijndam network provides platforms for same level access (and also the Glasgow network, but the Glasgow platforms are not long enough).
Like the other tubes trains, this stock can be used only in specific designed lines.
Like in reality, all cars carry their own numbers, even though they are permanently coupled in units of 3 cars. In the simulator, the units are identified by the number of the DM-car.<br>
* In [[Simvliet]]:
**These trains can not be used
* In [[Rijndam]]:
**Only the [[Line M7 (Rijndam)|M7]]
==Special animations==
==Special animations==

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London Underground 1995 stock
LU1995 Screenshot.png
Traction power supply
3rd/4th rail
ATB max. speed 100 km/h

The 1995 stock trains were built by GEC Alsthom (later Alstom) at their plant in Washwood Heath, Birmingham, although the bodyshells were manufactured in and imported from Spain. Each train is made up of two three-car units, coupled together, with each unit consisting of a Driving Motor car (DM), a Trailer car (T) and an Uncoupling Non-Driving Motor car (UNDM). The six-car trains are therefore formed DM-T-UNDM+UNDM-T-DM.
The 1995 stock entered service between June 1998 and April 2001, replacing old 1959 Stock and (Mark 1) 1972 Stock.
Since October 2007 1995 stock has been fitted with the royal blue seat moquette used on the 1996 and 1973 stocks. The upgrade was completed in early 2008.

Train details

  • Length per carriage 17,77 m
  • Width per carriage 2,63 m
  • Height 2,875 m
  • Total seating capacity per six-carriage train 200, plus 20 perch seats and 48 tip-up seats. There are also 24 wheelchair spaces.
  • Total passenger capacity per six-carriage train 665

In the Simulator

Like the other tubes trains, this stock can be used only in specific designed lines.

  • In Simvliet:
    • These trains can not be used

Special animations

Shift+X: Left cabin door
Ctrl+X: Right cabin door
Ctrl+Shift+X: activate/deactivate window wipers

Shift+X: open/close shunt controller
Ctrl+X: open/close emergency door
Ctrl+Shift+X: activate/deactivate window wiper

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