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This is about the version history of add-ons. For the Metrosimulator itself, see Version History.

Color Meaning
Green Available / Supported
Orange Available / Not supported
Blue Upcoming version
Red Discontinued version

Note: All add-ons since December 2016 are compatible with 64-bit computers only!

Add-on Version History
Name Release Date Status New features and changes
To Be Released
The NS TRAXX locomotive
Glasgow 2.0 <center>March 9th 2019
  • In all stations, the tracks are now closer to reflect the station in real life, while the platforms have been adjusted for a better connection with the new rolling stock
  • Glasgow SPT rolling stock
    • All Glasgow activities use the correct trains.
Rijndam 2022 1.2
August 28th 2018
  • Tram stops' platform edges are adpated as needed to facilitate the Flexity Outlook tram
  • Rembrandtplein tram stop has a second track
  • A reversing loop has been added to Garenmarkt, equipped with an exit-only platform
  • The Centraal Station stop has been redesigned, including a new reversing loop
Rijndam 2022 1.1
July 21st 2018
Full version
  • A new turning loop was added at the Centraal Station tram stop, to make the use of single-cab rolling stock possible
  • Fixed a bug where ZUB falls to 0 km/h for an instant when entering M1 Panbos terminus.
Rijndam 2022
July 6th 2018
Full version
Light version
  • Change on the route of the T3 tramline, which now connects Denia with Garenmarkt, using both existing tracks of lines T1 and T2, as well as new ones
  • The Garenmarkt tram stop has a new third platform for the T3 trams
  • The Buitenvelden Depot has been extended to accomodate the KTM Citylink trams for the T3 line
  • The M5 metro line service (Transferium – Denia) is restored
  • The temporary metro platforms at Westwoud have been made permanent
  • The temporary metro platforms at Lierdijk have been lowered for tram, while the permanent ones for the tram have been raised for metro
  • A new movable bridge is located between Statenpolder and Kanaalstraat
  • Oranjeboomstraat has now a second platform and track
  • A new tunnel section allows direct connection between Einsteinstraat and Oranjeboomstraat
  • The tracks at the Transferium tram platforms have been turned to rusty ones
  • The metro DRIMs at the Denia tram platforms have been replaced by tram ones
  • A lot of bus platforms were replaced with terrain scenery around the Rijndam Centraal area in both versions to increase framerate

Specifically for the light version:

  • The Airport Shuttle has been removed
  • The RijndamRail sections between Rijndam Centraal and Rijndam Zuid & Rijndam Buitenvelden and Noordvliet have also been removed
  • Scenery removal in the Rijndam Centraal area
  • The OV-Chipkaart gates at Rijndam Centraal have been replaced by stands to increase framerate
Rijndam 2016
May 26th 2018
Re-introduction of the Rijndam 2016 map, which was originally discontinued in Beta 3.12
Arend Steam Railway
January 1st 2018
A fictional railway park, using the 1839 Dutch steam locomotive Arend
High Speed Metro (HSM)
March 6th 2015
New HSM highspeed train, with unprotected top speed of 250 km/h
MG2SG2 Extended
May 24th 2014
These trains are now integrated into the simulator.
Tweaked version of MG2 and SG2 with lenght equal to this of the SG3 and RSG3 rolling stock