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New activity: Museum excursions

Post by Sjoerd » 07 Jun 2015, 08:13

This pakkage contains two activities:
-> Museum excursion Oostpark
-> Museum excursion De Molens

In these activities you are driving an excursion with a museum metro from the transportmuseum at Simvliet Haven (Simvliet Harbor) to the old terminusof the line, Oostpark, or to De Molens.
In order to reach the metro network, you have to go to Depot Bergpark track A01 first. Between the transport museum and depot track A01, the track isn't elektrified; if you enter this section of track at a speed lower then 40 km/h, you won't reach your destination, and you will need a diesellocomotive to tow you away (the yellow locomotive is parked at track SVH1). In order to reach 40 km/h, you will have to deactivate the ATB (Ctrl+Shift+A).
From depot track A01, proceed to station De Bergen, and wait for your turn to enter the metro network. Go nonstop to Oostpark / De Molens (you are on a reserved museum metro, so no need to stop at stations). At the destination you will wait for a few minutes before going back to the museum.
Remember; when you depart depot track A01 on the way back to the museum, first deactivate the ATB! You will need a speed of 40 km/h to reach the museum again!

If you don't want to drive for a moment; between De Bergen and Oostpark / De Molens, the AI can take over. You will have to drive the part between the transport museum and De Bergen (v.v.) yourself; the AI can't do that. ;)
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Activity: Museum excursions
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