When Beta 3.8. comes out (exactly)

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When Beta 3.8. comes out (exactly)

Post by brozma » 19 Jan 2014, 12:01

Hello everyone, You know, I cannot wait when beta 3.8. comes out and if i try visit the homepage, there's still a beta 3.7. :cry: Do you know somebody when beta 3.8. comes exactly out? :?: :?: I am very curious what will be new in beta 3.8. ;)
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Re: When Beta 3.8. comes out (exactly)

Post by Samuel » 19 Jan 2014, 12:54

When the beta comes out, it will be available at the homepage (beta 3.7 will be changed to 3.8).
There is no release date at the moment, but it will come soon. ;)

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Re: When Beta 3.8. comes out (exactly)

Post by MG2 » 19 Jan 2014, 13:03

brozma wrote:I am very curious what will be new in beta 3.8. ;)
Both the A and C lines will be extended by one station in beta 3.8 ;)

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Re: When Beta 3.8. comes out (exactly)

Post by nstomjanssen2000 » 19 Jan 2014, 15:50

You are one of the most who ask when the next beta comes out. Michiel does this in is free time and he isn't working harder, if we whine or not.
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Re: When Beta 3.8. comes out (exactly)

Post by HKM362 » 19 Jan 2014, 16:52

I hear too often

we wait for a long time, do not forget that!

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Re: When Beta 3.8. comes out (exactly)

Post by Tom » 21 Jan 2014, 20:01

A releasedate for the next beta is not yet available, as said many times though. Since this game is free-ware and made by just one man, who put lots of time in this game, there can't de such thing as a planning, because the plans can always change. When there is any new information about a new beta, you guys will be the first to know.

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