Problem using tilde key

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Mr Stabby
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Problem using tilde key

Post by Mr Stabby » 30 Sep 2013, 19:23


I am playing metrosim beta (after seeing a link to it from simsig forum the other day) on a UK laptop with a UK keyboard, consequently the tilde symbol (~) needed to acknowledge the aws (not actually aws sorry can't remember what it's called) is not above tab - it is next to the enter key and is typed with a shitf, i.e. shift + # = ~.

I have tried changing character map to both US and NL keyboards but whatever I do I can't acknowledge the 7 second beep. The consequences are obvious!

So... any chance of letting us assign our own keys please? I think that would be a better approach than just correcting this one "bug" because I presume other international users (or maybe DVORAK using perverts ;)) will have other key issues...

Also - how do we get wiki accounts? I would like to make a lot of grammar and stylistic changes - starting, ironically enough, with:

"Don't edit this page without any permission, only for correct the English words and layout"

which is not something anyone fluent in English would write, it should read something like:

"Do not edit this page without permission except to correct layout errors and poor English"

I might also, if it's ok and I learn more about the game (it would be entirely inappropriate at present with my having played for less than two hours in total) revamp the tutorial.


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Re: Problem using tilde key

Post by senjer » 30 Sep 2013, 19:52

Changing your key functions won't be added soon, there are plans to add it but that will come later. About the wiki, you can login with your forum name and password. Extra help with the grammar is always welcome because we can speak english but that grammar. :P

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Re: Problem using tilde key

Post by MG2 » 30 Sep 2013, 21:36

Don't worry about the wiki, I'll take care of it ;)

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Re: Problem using tilde key

Post by tecwhizz » 22 Oct 2013, 17:34

For some reason, on my keyboard it uses the ' key (@ on top)

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