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Personal private vehicles showroom

Post by brozma » 09 Nov 2018, 11:24

Here you can show your personal private vehicles, which you are using frequently in mterosim during explore mode (or in activities). They can be even repainted (if vehicle's model you chose supports it).
Formatting of post

(vehicle screenshot)
Name: (name you gave to your vehicle[if any])
Type: (type of vehicle you chose)
Description: (description of your vehicle and how did you get it)
Properties: (properties of your vehicle, you can even add accesories into it, which aren't in sim yet or sim can't simulate them, but be adequate)
CVL code: (unique CVL code, which you are using for your vehicle, when setting train numbers into CVL console)
Advantages: (advantages of your vehicle, which can be useful for you in some cases)
Disadvantages: (disadvantages of your vehicle, which can betray you in some cases)
Note: (anything else you want to say about it)

I'll start with mine
Personal private tram.jpg
Personal private tram.jpg (338.33 KiB) Viewed 594 times
Name: TROLLey (read "troll-ey")

Type: Toronto CLRV tram. ID number 4122

Description: At first it looks like a normal Toronto CLRV tram, but It's mine and it's modified a lot by me. I got it as a gift from Sjoerd for being best employee of the year 2017. I could choose between many vehicles, but because of CLRV's similarity with Tatra T3, I chose it. Although after Tatra T3 will be delivered into Rijndam, I'll ditch this Toronto CLRV tram and replace it with Tatra T3.

Properties: this tram has special DC converter installed on the roof which reduces 1,5 kV DC from NS catenary to 750V DC, which allows me to drive on NS electrified tracks connected to their catenary. This DC converter also has a minor tweak. I call it "overdrive mode." This mode turns up voltage for traction motors up to 900V DC and allows me to drive faster than normal (80 km/h normally, 93km/h with overdrive enabled). Although this overdrive mode only works, when I am connected to NS catenary, otherwise it won't work, also I can't drive in overdrive mode for too long, or traction motors will overheat and give up. For NS catenary with 25kV AC, I installed a special transformer which reduces 25kV AC to 1,5 kV AC, feeds it into rectifier and rectifier sends this current to the DC converter mentioned above (this is not simulated in sim).

In passenger saloon, I installed safety seatbelts, which sitting passengers has to use them. Also I installed Wi-Fi transmiter for passengers, so they can go online, when they travel in my tram. I also installed a radio, so passengers can listen to it. Sadly the radio and internet connection ceases funtion when going into tunnel. There's also air-conditioning system installed, which is used to cool down environment inside the tram. (none of these is simulated in sim).

When I can't for some reason drive the tram, but I have to continue. I got a special onboard computer with neural net structure, which can take control of the tram. I call it "Skynet" after the same named computer from Terminator series. When Skynet is controlling the tram, it automatically read signs and signal light through the dash cam placed on top of the windshield in the middle and reads ATB signals, which allows Skynet to drive tram perfectly. The Skynet's neural net has two modes, Read-only and Read-Write. Read-only mode forces Skynet to follow pre-programmed chores and it's difficult to bypass them, when needed. Read-Write allows Skynet to "think" more freely and adapt when needed. The Read-only mode is set as primary, because I am afraid, that with Read-Write mode enabled, Skynet will become self-aware and starts to disobey my orders, and possibly threaten me somehow. This mode are manually switched by small switch near Skynets main console screen. Skynet also uses this screen for communication with me through the form of speech bubbles with text displayed on screen. I can talk with Skynet through keyboard or through the normal speaking. Languages witch Skynet understands are Czech and English, it uses only Czech when it's "talking" to me, when it's "talking" to somebody else it uses English. Also Skynet doesn't like to be cursed at. When somebody curses at it, it responds with sentence: "Watch your profanity!" Skynet has also an access to accessories in tram. It can for example lower pantograph when ordered. The only restriction is, that Skynet can't access the internet through the Wi-Fi transmitter (Wi-Fi transmitter uses 4G cellular network to access the internet), that's because I was afraid, that Skynet will "learn" something bad about mankind and becomes unfriendly and harsh. When Skynet isn't controlling the tram, it's active in background in standby mode and ready to take control when ordered. During standby mode it can control tram's accessories when ordered (although I can control these accessories by myself). Small trivia: The dashboard cam's iris looks the same like Terminator's iris, glowing red when enabled and moving in all directions like normal eye. (this Skynet computer can be partially simulated by enabling AI in metrosim).

CVL code: 2261XX (letters depending on, when I am on duty or not)

Ability to run on NS catenary with any kind of voltage in it.
Highly advanced computer with ability to adapt, driving tram very perfectly.
Air-conditioning allowing you to be in a cool environment inside the tram, when it's hot outside.
Wi-Fi transmitter allowing you to go online and go things on the internet.
Radio streamed into passengers salloon, so you can listen to your favorite music hits
Overdrive function allowing tram to go faster than normal

Requires overhead wiring for operation.
Overdrive function only works when connected to NS catenary, also driving with overdive for too long causes traction motors to overheat.
Skynet computer drains battery quickly when it's in driving mode and panto is lowered or I am going through the section without overhead wiring.
When some other tram vehicle is coupled to mine, Skynet computer is unaware of this and behaves as nothing is coupled onto my tram.
Radio and Internet connection ceases function, when I am in tunnel.
The dash cam's Terminator-like iris can scare someone when it moves. Especially when Skynet is watching them.

Note: This vehicle will be my personal private vehicle temporarily. After Tatra T3 will be released to to metrosim I am changing it to Tatra T3.
If you want to make a very fast ride, just disable ATB/ZUB, put trottle to 1.00 and enjoy.
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Re: Personal private vehicles showroom

Post by Citadis » 17 Nov 2018, 17:04

Name: The 5434 train or 5000-4-3-4
Type: Unit 5400-5300-5400 RET
Description: My vehicle or my unit are 2 5400 trains with a 5300 in the middle. I choose that becaus it's a 3-unit train and it's equilibred(Panto-empty-Panto(inv)) not short and not too long. I buy it when RET(Rijndam) want to destroy it because "outdated".
Properties: Basic MG2/1-SG2/1 trains able to high voltage tracks (25kV) or normal power (750V) with pantos(5400), battery(5300) or 3rd rail(all). It can also reatch more than 320km/h in best conditions. It's also equipped with wifi, geo-tracking, disabled-persons acces ramp at each untit middle doors. And finely, the train can drive without driver.
CVL code: 9223DD (depend of Departure and Destination)
Advantages: Self-Driving, can go on every tracks, every speed, last generation schlaffenberg-coupling, licence to move in RET nework (Right @Sjoerd? :lol: ).
Disadvantages: often called when defect material in ret network, Passangers don't see diferance bettwen it or a SG3, called too when SG4 falls down.
Note: I love it! And it can be stored at Nationale Opera Secret Station ... pture1.png
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