Toronto TTC Flexity Outlook

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Re: Toronto TTC Flexity Outlook

Post by paddybannon » 20 Aug 2018, 11:01

In the Actvites with AI Trams such as 'Rijndam Rail' in 2022 will the TTC Flexity be AI with KTMs

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Re: Toronto TTC Flexity Outlook

Post by Sjoerd » 28 Aug 2018, 14:05

The Toronto Flexity Outlook has now been released. Go to the wiki for download:
(The CLRV and ALRV trams are in the same package. This also includes some activities for Rijndam 2022 v1.2.)
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Re: Toronto TTC Flexity Outlook

Post by loris » 28 Aug 2018, 14:11

Great! I will test it right now
I don't understand i don't speak French :lol:

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Re: Toronto TTC Flexity Outlook

Post by brozma » 28 Aug 2018, 14:41

IT'S OUT! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! :D :D :D I can finally use CLRV as my personal private tram because it looks like Tatra T3 and it's a good substitute for Tatra T3 for me.
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