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Re: Livestreams

Post by brozma » 06 Dec 2017, 21:01

Alfacinha315 wrote:
24 Sep 2017, 17:51
Diesel SG4?? LOL
That's not hidden diesel loc. I already tested it in sim, and I know how Sjoerd simulates battery power in SG4. It's called "invisible third rail". It works like that: Did you noticed in video, that third rail shoes on SG4 were raised up? That's the point! On Denia NS track in Rijndam 2006 there's a third rail, but invisible (you can't see it), so on first sight the track looks unelectrified, but there actually is, only invisible. So when SG4 goes on the NS track to Denia, it takes power from invisible third rail and can move. Very cool solution how simulate battery power. Maybe Michiel can add that to Simvliet Poort track to make station more accessible.
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Re: Livestreams

Post by Alfacinha315 » 08 Dec 2017, 20:46

It would be a great idea, but don't forget: Bursa SG2 only run on overhear wires.
Michiel talked in a future (?) diesel service, possibly for Simvliet 985. Let's wait for more details.
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