Beta 3.13 cannot open

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Beta 3.13 cannot open

Post by Eric0229 » 24 Feb 2018, 22:45

When I try to open Metro simulator beta 3.13, it will automatically close it.

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Re: Beta 3.13 cannot open

Post by luka23 » 24 Feb 2018, 23:21

Can you elaborate on what happens? And what are your Pc specs?

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Re: Beta 3.13 cannot open

Post by MP 85 » 25 Feb 2018, 17:49

Is there an error message like "Metro Simulator Beta to stop working"?
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Re: Beta 3.13 cannot open

Post by HamboneHamster » 08 Mar 2018, 06:42

My son is also having trouble getting metro simulator to open now. I've uninstalled both and reinstalled but it keeps closing down and giving the following message:
A problem has caused this program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if there is a solution.

We had metro simulator previously on this PC, but the operating system had bugs and we had to have the whole thing wiped and reloaded. We are now trying to reload the program as my son loves it.

Can you help? We are on Windows 8.1 now.


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Re: Beta 3.13 cannot open

Post by senjer » 08 Mar 2018, 08:10

Can you post your computer specifications so we can find out if the problem in on that side. You can view them by using the WindowsKey+R and then enter ''dxdiag'' into the window then press Enter.
All information needed is visible on the tab System and Display. Also be sure your Windows version is a 64-bit version and NOT a 32-bit version.

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Re: Beta 3.13 cannot open

Post by MetroSimGermany » 10 Mar 2018, 23:39

Maybe you want to check out the FAQ, specifically the "game does not work" section.
Most issues are very common and easily fixable :)


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Re: Beta 3.13 cannot open

Post by HamboneHamster » 11 Mar 2018, 00:25

Thanks. I had a look at the FAQs. I have already installed, uninstalled, installed again. I will try a different browser, but we tried it in Internet Explorer to make sure it was stable. The C++ distributable files are all visible in the programs folder, so its not that.
The computer is 64-bit, not 32 (I checked that straight up). We previously had Metro Simulator downloaded on the same computer but it could've been on Windows 10. Then the OS seemed to get corrupted and the computer wouldn't work. I've had it wiped and the original Windows 8 OS reinstalled (which then updated to Windows 8.1) by a professional.
I will follow your instructions and post them soon.

Thanks to both of you for your help.

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Re: Beta 3.13 cannot open

Post by Sjoerd » 11 Mar 2018, 00:32

Have you tried installing the most recent version of DirectX?
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Re: Beta 3.13 cannot open

Post by HamboneHamster » 14 Mar 2018, 07:42

I've tried uninstalling and re-installing. DirectX is version 11. I've been trying to insert a screen shot of my specs but can't get it to, so I'll try to put them in.
Windows 8.1 64-bit Build 9600
Intel(R) core i7
Memory: 4096MB RAM

Does any of this help? It is still shutting down as soon as I try to open. I might see if my IT guy can figure out what's going on. I just don't understand why it used to work but now doesn't.


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Re: Beta 3.13 cannot open

Post by nstomjanssen2000 » 14 Mar 2018, 09:03

What i7? (they have 3 or 4 numbers and some have additional letters behind the i7 which actually tells which processor it is) What graphics card do you have? Do you have the graphics card's drivers installed?
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