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by nstomjanssen2000
23 Mar 2019, 11:01
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Topic: WIP: MVG Class A
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Re: WIP: MVG Class A

That looks great! Are the textures prerendered? If so, how does all of this at night with dynamic lighting?
by nstomjanssen2000
17 Mar 2019, 14:01
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: simulation doesnt start
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Re: simulation doesnt start

You have to wait a bit before you actually get into the simulator.
by nstomjanssen2000
17 Mar 2019, 13:31
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Topic: Screenshots & Videos
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Re: Screenshots & Videos

Looks like the City Shift that was never converted into the sim (oops)
by nstomjanssen2000
05 Mar 2019, 15:21
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Topic: Simvliet2020 AI-Mega (all Line C trains are S7 stock)
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Re: Simvliet2020 AI-Mega (all Line C trains are S7 stock)

You need to save your file as a text file and then give it a name that ends with the extension .act.

btw 1995 stock on line B will not be possible since line B has no third/fourth rail.
by nstomjanssen2000
17 Jan 2019, 21:39
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Topic: Rijndam
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Re: Rijndam

No, please don't. The single track section gives a challenge in act making and I think it is better to keep it single track. Rijnwoude is a small village outside town and Panbos is a recreational area anyway, so you could terminate half of the metros at Noordvliet during rush hour if you want to inc...
by nstomjanssen2000
01 Jan 2019, 21:25
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Topic: Schermen in cabine
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Re: Schermen in cabine

Nee, dit is niet mogelijk. Deze staat wel in de planning en Michiel heeft gehint dat de TreinTV pas te implementeren is als de nieuwe engine er is, dus dat wordt nog even wachten.
by nstomjanssen2000
20 Dec 2018, 23:02
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Topic: De Loper
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Re: De Loper

No, since the last post was well over a year ago, I assume Samuel stopped working on it.
by nstomjanssen2000
17 Aug 2018, 07:56
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Topic: Pad aanleggen voor een metro
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Re: Pad aanleggen voor een metro

Met '135 139 RWI' stel je een rijweg in van spoor 135 naar spoor 139 en met '135 139 RWO' hef je deze rijweg op. Kijk in de CVL van welk spoor naar welk spoor je wilt gaan en pak de spoornummers in je CVL-commando. Houd er rekening mee dat je slechts een rijweg in kunt stellen door één wisselcomplex...
by nstomjanssen2000
27 Jul 2018, 14:38
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Topic: Alstom Metropolis Amsterdam
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Re: Alstom Metropolis Amsterdam

Mensen, laten we Nicola niet ontmoedigen. Iedereen staat vrij een model te bouwen. Weet wel waar je aan begint. Je kunt zelf geen modellen in metro simulator zetten, als je een eigen model hebt gemaakt kun je die aan Michiel laten zien en als hij tevreden is met wat je hebt gebrouwen wil hij vast we...
by nstomjanssen2000
08 Jul 2018, 07:01
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Topic: WIP Project - NS TRAXX (F140 MS2) (BR 186) + ICRm
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Re: WIP Project - To be announced soon!

I'd say you really couldn't have a definite answer on such a minimal image. Still I hope for a more advanced lighting system such as Michiel showed on the youtube channel. But don't ask me why senjer would post such a thing.